Combine nature and adventure, with a pleasant climate, abundant flora and fauna and a wide range of activities for all ages!

It’s a two-hour drive from Quito to this village perched at just 1,300 meters above sea level in the heart of the cloud forest.

Mindo welcomes you.

This small village, which welcomes many national and international tourists, has retained its charm while offering a wide range of activities and services for young and old, families with young children and teenagers. During the week, nature and activities are just for you! That’s why it’s so pleasant to spend several days here. We’ll tell you why.

Birdwatching in the protected ecological reserves around Mindo

In these protected reserves, home to almost 500 species of birds, some of the rarest are the umbrella bird, the rock cock, mountain toucans and over 20 species of hummingbird. You can watch nature awaken, share breakfast with toucans, relax to the melody of the birds or hike the trails through the cloud forest.

Green paradise

There are also over 35,000 plant species, over 50% of which are endemic, and the world’s greatest variety of amphibians. Wandering through these forests, which are at times invaded by clouds condensing from the warm currents of the coast as they collide with the Andes barrier, is an almost mystical experience.

Fly over the river and bathe in the waterfalls

Board the tarabita that takes you to the other side of the river. Be careful if you’re a bit sensitive to heights, but the view is spectacular. Then take one of the trails that will lead you to some beautiful waterfalls. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit for a refreshing swim!

Visit a butterfly garden

Have you always dreamed of seeing hundreds of beautiful butterflies, adorned in brilliant colors? Then you won’t want to miss out on this wonderful experience. Enter the magical world of butterfly gardens. You’ll discover so many different species, you won’t know where to look.

Enjoy coffee or chocolate... or both!

For those with a sweet tooth, Mindo is sure to delight. A land of coffee and cocoa, Mindo produces its own products for you to sample. You’ll learn all about the chocolate or coffee-making process and awaken your senses.

Fill up on thrills

Looking for adrenalin? Try your hand at a variety of activities that are out of the ordinary and give you different sensations such as canopy tours, tubing, mountain biking and hiking. Alone, with friends, family or as a couple, you’ll have a great time, full of laughter and excitement!

Venture into the forest at night

Accompanied by a guide, you’ll venture into the cloud forest at dusk, where you’ll discover nocturnal animals and insects. It’s a chance to get to grips with a nocturnal environment that sometimes seems hostile.

Relax in the heart of nature

Mindo is home to a number of lodges and hotels perched high in the mountains, surrounded by unspoilt nature. The setting is magnificent and relaxing. Enjoy a room with a mountain or river view, a swimming pool or Jacuzzi in the heart of nature, or a massage accompanied by the sound of birdsong – your well-being is priceless.

To discover Mindo and its cloud forest, please contact us. Our travel designers will be happy to help you plan your future trip.