If you are passionate about orchids, Ecuador is the best place you can visit to be able to see a large species of orchids in their natural habitat.

Ecuador, passionate about orchids

Did you know that in Ecuador, orchids can be found from sea level to the foot of the glaciers?

Continue your journey to Ecuador, land of orchids, where there are currently 4,032 species, 1,714 of which are endemic.

The best observation periods are from December to June on the western side and June to September on the eastern side.

We suggest you:

  • start with the Quito Botanical Gardens
  • then continue to the Pahuma reserve north of Quito, where the 200 species found on the property are brought together in a botanical garden.
  • the Bomboli private reserve will fascinate you with Oswaldo as your guide and its 600 species of orchids cultivated in a natural environment
  • at the gateway to the Amazon, in Puyo, discover the Botanical and Orchid Garden with around 350 species of Amazonian orchids
  • if you continue southwards, visit the Orquideario Palphinia or the Podocarpus Park, which boasts 63 species.


Discover some species in pictures.