As part of our business, it is essential for us to support environmental projects to protect flora and fauna.

1. Inti Sisa agricultural development project

In 2023: commitment to finance a project to implement an irrigation system at the Tio Cajas agricultural college.

Inti Sisa was founded in 1999 by Belgians in the Guamote region. The aim of the project is to help the indigenous population to develop through local initiatives financed by various partners.

One of Inti Sisa’s main objectives is to empower the education of the local population, through projects such as educational development, access to midday meals and infrastructure development.

Terra Ecuador has supported the Tio Cajas secondary school’s irrigation system project, helping them to produce and manage agricultural crops on a long-term, sustainable basis. The irrigation system was inaugurated in June 2023, with the entire Terra Ecuador team in attendance.

2. Fundación Jocotoco reforestation project

In 2022: commitment to finance a species conservation project in the Chocó rainforest.

The Choco rainforest is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. One of the richest forests in terms of flora and fauna, it is also in serious danger of extinction. Only 2-5% of Ecuador’s primary Choco forest remains today.

Created in 1998, the Jocotoco Foundation‘s mission is to protect some of the world’s most endangered species by conserving the remnants of their natural habitats in Ecuador. Their work focuses on species and habitats that are not included in the system of national parks and local ecological reserves.

The Canandé Nature Reserve, north-east of Quito, was created by the Foundation to protect endemic and other species in order to save Choco’s unique biodiversity.

The project supported by Terra Ecuador involves the repopulation of two species of Magnolia trees and two species of endemic trees (Ecuadendron, Magnolia Canandeana, Magnolia Dixonnii, Matisia Palenqueana), in the Canandé reserve.

Photos: ©Efraín Cepeda

3. Los Yapas reforestation project

In 2019: commitment to fund a reforestation project in the Los Yapas reserve, in the Puyo region of the nearby Amazon.

We have made a financial donation to the Kausana Foundation to help preserve endemic plant species. Los Yapas Botanical Park is a project created in 2006 by a group of agronomists, biologists and computer scientists interested in the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, due to its worrying situation.

The project is based on saving the region’s flora and fauna using permaculture principles.

This initiative was later expanded to include a lodge and holistic center to welcome visitors and volunteers. The center offers alternative therapies and treatments with the vision of healing to gain environmental awareness.

Our tailor-made tours include visits to the reserve, participation in the reforestation of the park and one or more overnight stays.