The Terra Ecuador family gathered again for a beautiful moment of sharing and conviviality in the community of San Clemente.

Terra Ecuador gets involved with the local communities

Thanks to the contribution of travelers, we are committed each year to support a cause that we care about.

Last year, we visited the community of San Clemente for a training day for families, which was very important after the 2020 worldwide pandemic. This year, the community is once again honored.

A lasting commitment

In a few words, the community of San Clemente perfectly sums up authenticity, richness and simplicity. The last words are the reasons why we are so fond of it and have been for over 10 years.

We went to the community, accompanied by our favorite guides : Ana, Carlos and Santiago, and also Eulalia, the administrator of Ikala hotel in Quito, who was already there the past year to participate in the training of the customer service.

This beautiful sunny day began with a warm welcome from the families, around a delicious pamba mesa (in kichwa, it means shared table). This is a symbolic act of generosity in each social time in the community. Thanking the pachamama, sharing a good healthy meal living together. Each family brought something to eat from their own garden so that we could share and enjoy the meal together.

Afterward, each of the 16 families of the community received a new set of sheets, purchased by us, and sheets in very good condition, donated by the hotels we like to work with.

Indeed, beforehand, we contacted several accommodations, located in different regions of the country and many of them answered the call. We were thus able to recover several sets of complete sheets and towels: Among the donors, we can mention : l’Hacienda Zuleta, l’Hacienda Pinsaqui, l’hôtel Ikala, le Santa Lucía, Los Balcones, le Reina Isabel, La Palma Polo Club …

At the end of the visit, each of the women of the community offered, to each of the members present, a beautiful hand embroidered fabric.


A very nice surprise, a work of several hours which made us more than happy, and an emotional moment for all.

A project and values that correspond to the Terra Ecuador DNA

Several projects are being created this year, and this is one of them. The word family takes on its full meaning, and it is cardinal for our team. Indeed, it is thanks to our travelers and the help of the hotels with which we work the most, that this project could be born and that we could continue our commitment to the community of San Clemente.

It is thus thanks to a real teamwork that Terra Ecuador succeeded in carrying out its mission, an experience of solidarity that we aspire to repeat year after year.

Terra Ecuador is committed to promoting more immersive local experiences by taking the time to meet each other to better immerse oneself in Ecuador’s rich culture. We talk about it on this article in Ricochets about Slow Travel in Ecuador.