Looking for a jungle getaway?

Ecuador is often referred to as the land of four worlds. Among these four worlds is the Amazon.

It’s just a 4-hour drive from the capital, Quito, to the Amazonian outskirts of Tena.

You don’t need to go to the deep Amazon to feel disconnected from the city. From Tena, all you have to do is navigate the Napo River by pirogue to reach some quality ecolodge for a return to basics and the simple things in life.

After a 45-minute pirogue ride, we lose our phone signal and plunge into the jungle. We’re immediately surprised by the vegetation and love this contact with nature. We discover all kinds of fruit and plants typical of the region.

Nights in a lodge

Most lodges offer 2, 3 or 4-night all-inclusive packages. Ideally, you should choose a lodge with a local guide. He or she will accompany you on visits to local communities.

The guide will show you around the jungle and explain a great deal about this mysterious and little-known nature. He’ll also teach you about the medicinal properties of certain plants and show you animals you’d never have seen with your own eyes.

Jungle walks will take you through swampy areas, but don’t panic, the lodges provide you with rubber boots, very useful in this region. On the other hand, don’t forget your mosquito spray – they can be aggressive and voracious, and can even bite through clothing! But don’t bother with a mosquito net – the beds in the lodges are equipped with them.

One thing is certain, in the Amazon you’ll eat well and healthily. Dishes are mainly based on fish such as tilapia, which comes from Africa but also breeds in the Napo River and reproduces very quickly.

Suri is a plump larva that feeds on the inside of palm trees. Rich in protein, suri can be eaten fried, grilled or even raw! It has a delicious coconut taste! So, are you tempted?

The Napo River, 1480 km long, rises on the slopes of the Antisana and Cotopaxi volcanoes and continues on to Peru. It can become a real natural theme park. All you have to do is let the currents sweep you along on a buoy, and you’re in business!

Before going to bed and being lulled to sleep by insect and bird song, take a look up at the sky… You won’t be disappointed!

To sum up

3 days in the Amazon is like returning to your roots. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll be in harmony with nature. In the nearby Amazon, you’ll see a wide range of animals and insects. However, if you want to see sloths, caimans, snakes and even pink dolphins, you have to go to the deep Amazon. Let’s just say that the Near Amazon is a foretaste and a total reconnection with the Pachamama.

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