What is the best season to visit Ecuador?

Ecuador has a tropical climate that varies according to altitude and region. The weather can vary greatly in one day but is usually very pleasant with a perpetual spring feeling. There are two main seasons, though with climate change they are proving less and less obvious:

  • Rainy season: from December to May, when climate is hot and humid.
  • Dry season from June to November, climate is dry with cooler temperatures. Furthermore, Ecuador has very different microclimates depending on the four main areas that form it:

The Galapagos Islands

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The Pacific Coast

Rainy season runs from December to August, but swimming is pleasant. In July-August, clouds or garúa (wet mist) are often present. The northern Pacific coast has an average annual temperature of 77 to 88°F (25 to 31ºC) (hot weather from December to February), while the south is milder because of cold ocean currents.

The Sierra (Andes)

The rainy season is between November and May, but there is a high cloudiness throughout the year. The Sierra is cooler during the day, especially at high altitude (59 to 68°F; 15 to 20ºC) and cold at night.

The Oriente (the Amazon)

You will find a warm and humid climate with abundant rainfall throughout the year, except between December and February, the driest season. Average temperature goes from 77 to 88°F (25 to 31ºC).

Time Zone

Ecuador is in the time -5h UTC (-6h for the Galapagos).