Ethical commitment of Terra Ecuador

Our agency is very attached to respectful relations with all its partners and collaborators. We are convinced that this is a fundamental value and also an elementary condition for the success of our clients’ trip.

We are aware of the impact that travel can have locally and internationally. That is why we want to offer trips that are more respectful of the environment and local populations. We work with communities involved in sustainable tourism to offer our travelers authentic and unique experiences.

Always with the aim of acting responsibly towards the environment, we tend to propose a minimum of domestic flights in our tours (or none, if the program allows it) and longer stays per stage.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) applies at all levels:

  • our employees ;
  • our subcontractors: their selection, their level of commitment and our requirements ;
  • our working conditions and the respect of the environment in our offices ;
  • the quality of our services and the attention paid to our customers.

To formalize our commitment, Terra Ecuador made the choice in 2018 to follow a responsible tourism certification process, choosing TourCert, an expert player in the field that is demanding at all levels and present in the field for real monitoring and regular control.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

It is part of our values to have a strong positive impact on local communities and to respect and protect the environment around us.

Our trips are built on the sharing of knowledge and experiences, while respecting local realities (seasonality, activities, etc.) and promoting community initiatives (homestays, local crafts and products, etc.).

We work with indigenous communities that welcome travelers on volunteer programs. In this way, travelers can contribute to the advancement of a project of benefit to the community. These programs also enable travelers to learn about the customs of local populations.

We minimize the negative impact of our travels on the climate by reducing our CO2 emissions: fewer domestic flights, travel in more concentrated geographical areas, sustainable and responsible accommodation, etc.

We are committed to working with responsible tourism operators who share our ecological and social sensibilities. We have referenced our most responsible partners so that we can work hand in hand.

Our committed initiatives

When a traveler chooses Terra Ecuador for his trip to Ecuador, he contributes to the financing of a socio-environmental project.

Each year, several projects with a positive impact on the environment or on society are carried out by the Terra Ecuador team.

For our projects, we rely on 4 pillars:

1. Community and sustainable tourism

For the past 10 years, we’ve been supporting the San Clemente d’Ibarra community in their community-based, sustainable tourism approach.

In 2015 and 2017, we financed two projects: the installation of water reservoirs to ward off droughts, and a project to fence in family vegetable gardens.

In 2022, we supported the Community with skills sponsorship and funding for a new pilot farming project.

In early 2023, the Terra Ecuador team visited the community to hand over sets of sheets and towels.

2. Eco-responsible projects

In connection with our business, it seems essential to us to support environmental projects such as the preservation of species, reforestation, and support for the preservation of Ecuadorian fauna and flora.

In 2019, we supported a reforestation project in the Amazon, near Puyo, in the Los Yapas nature reserve.

In 2022, we helped the Jocotoco Foundation safeguard endangered plant species in the Choco rainforest in northeastern Ecuador.

In 2023, we helped the Inti Sisa Foundation implement an irrigation system at the Tiocajas agricultural college as part of their educational project for the local community.

3. Solidarity projects

In emergency situations, natural disasters and humanitarian crises, Terra Ecuador does its part to help people in difficulty.

In April 2016, following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake on the Ecuadorian coast, our team mobilized by:

  • collecting donations to send to the disaster zone ;
    organizing a donation campaign to finance makeshift bamboo houses (via local NGO Caemba) ;
  • traveling to the coast to build bamboo houses for a number of homeless families over 2 weekends.

4. Committed products

We offer our travelers :

  • short but concrete actions in which our customers can get involved ;
  • stays in communities to support their initiatives ;
  • visits to committed projects in national or private reserves, or agro-ecological farms, for example ;
  • carbon offsetting, supporting reforestation projects or the preservation of natural environments.