Luxury cruise on Napo river in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Cruise the Napo River in the Amazon in 8 days

Welcome aboard! The Anakonda is the only luxury ship for a cruise in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. It was built to make the experience of the Amazon the most comprehensive and unique adventure possible.

Length of stay: 8 days

Kind: Luxury

Fix: For all public

Countries visited: Ecuador

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Day 1 : Coca

Welcome to Ecuador !

A proverb says *Traveling leaves you speechless at first, before turning you into a storyteller*

… Let the adventure start in the country of the middle of the world ! Chulla vida ! Cruise on the Anakonda 8 days – 7 nights.


*Morning:* After a 30-minute flight to Francisco de Orellana (Coca), you will go to the port of the Napo River. On a motorized canoe, you will descend the river for 1h30. The opportunity to receive information about the region. Then once aboard the Anakonda you will begin your cruise on the Napo River.

*Afternoon:* after lunch you will make a first foray into this fascinating universe with an easy walk in the forest. At dusk and depending on the weather conditions, you will have the opportunity to take a night walk, the opportunity to discover all the richness of the nightlife. You will take a domestic flight Quito – Coca (around 40 minutes).

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Day 2 : Limoncocha

*Morning:* after a delicious breakfast, you will disembark for a walk on dry land, to discover plants and animals and in particular their interrelationships.

*Afternoon:* After lunch, our boat will continue its journey to a complex of uncrowded black water lagoons in this part of the Amazon. It is the place where lives the famous pink dolphin, the black caiman and also the anaconda. You will be able to observe a variety of Amazonian turtles, various species of monkeys and a primitive bird called hoatzin locally called stinky turkey . It is by canoe that you will approach these species, to closely feel this exuberant biodiversity which makes this place the richest ecosystem in the world.

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Day 3 : Nuevo Rocafuerte

*Morning:* breakfast on board. You will then visit a local school, on the banks of the Napo River, to meet the children there and thus become aware of the education given to them in these remote regions. This will be followed by lunch and time to relax on board the boat as it sails up the river.

*Afternoon:* you will be offered some activities on board such as conversations on topics concerning the Amazon region, screenings of documentaries and, if the weather permits, the making of handicrafts. At the end of the afternoon, you can explore one of the large islands in the river, flanked by sandy beaches, where you will discover this particular ecosystem.

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Day 4 : El Retiro

*Morning:* breakfast on board. Then go to a 37m high observation tower, built alongside a gigantic cheese maker ( ceibo , remember the tree from Avatar). From these heights, you will have a different perspective on the tropical forest, or on the birds and monkeys that occupy these peaks.

*Afternoon:* you will go to the Limoncocha Nature Reserve, for further observation, in this place where more than 478 species of birds and many species of monkeys have been recorded. The walk will continue until nightfall in order to see the famous black caimans in the light of your lamps. Night return to the boat.

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Day 5 : Yasuni Park

*Morning:* You will enter Yasuni National Park via the Indillama River. This park, renowned worldwide for its incredible biodiversity, will allow you to observe many birds including toucans. And if you feel like it, you can even borrow kayaks to go down this river. Lunch on board the boat.

*Afternoon:* the navigation will continue to reach another place of observation worthy of interest for the presence of other animal species. And you will have the opportunity to enjoy a majestic Amazonian sunset when the weather conditions are suitable. If this were the case, a canoe trip will allow you to prolong the discovery of local species. After the evening meal, you will be offered a night out to see that night life is sometimes more intense than during the day.

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Day 6 : Pañacocha

*Morning & afternoon:* continuing our descent of the river, you will arrive at the mouth of the Pañayacu, a river that you will take by canoe to penetrate fascinating and mysterious natural landscapes and to try to meet the pink dolphin or the squirrel monkeys, inhabitants of this region. Pañacocha (the lake of the piranhas in the Quechua language) is a forest ecosystem flooded by white waters (we will explain the distinctions to you). The piranhas cohabit there as well as the fish called aquatic monkey (arawana) and the white caiman. After a refreshing and daring swim, you will be treated to an Amazonian barbecue, complete with tropical drinks. You will return by various paths in the forest to the boat to later enjoy a meal.

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Day 7 : Pañacocha

*Morning:* breakfast on board. This day will be the day of ethnic and cultural encounters. You will therefore go to an indigenous community where you will also have the opportunity to appreciate their crafts and take some very exotic souvenirs. From there you will go to a salt pan where dozens of parrots come to peck the salt from a clay wall, a surprising spectacle where the chirping of all these birds drowns out all the other surrounding noises. You will then go to the Quechua Interpretation Center of Sani Warmi, where again you will be able to interact with the local population and in particular a group of women who took the initiative to create this place so that you can discover the mysteries of the life of the Indians in the forest. Second opportunity to complete your craft purchases.

*Afternoon:* after lunch, you will stop at another Interpretation Center, this time called Yakukawsay and will end the day with a night walk in the forest which will however depend on the weather conditions and the water level.

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Day 8 : Yasuni Park

*Morning:* early this morning you will leave the Anakonda to return by canoe to the town of Coca from where you will take your flight to Quito.

*NOTE:* *The itinerary described above is generic, i.e. it is subject to change due to the inherent constraints of the Amazon region. The activities will however be carried out, but in a sequence that may differ. Also note that are not included during the stay the entrance fees to the communities and natural parks (80 us$ per person), the access to the wifi and the drinks.* You will take a 40 minutes domestic flight from Coca to Quito.

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