Are you planning a trip to Ecuador and don’t know what equipment to pack in your suitcase? Terra Ecuador has listed for you the essentials to bring according to the regions you will visit.

What to bring in all cases

  • Photocopies of passport
  • Photocopies of the insurance certificate
  • Contact information for Terra Ecuador
  • Personal pharmacy (see paragraph below)
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-mosquito cream
  • Flashlight with spare battery(ies)
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sun protection (cap, cream, glasses)
  • Binoculars
  • Rain cape
  • Travel alarm clock (always safer than the hotel receptionist’s alarm clock…)

Personal pharmacy

  • Analgesic
  • Anti-diarrheal
  • Intestinal disinfectant
  • Ointment for sunburn
  • Broad spectrum antibiotic
  • Anti-mosquito cream, very effective especially during the green season
  • Anti-itching ointment
  • Disinfectant for wounds (Hexomedin type)
  • Set of bandages, plasters, scissors.

Equipment for the Amazon, Costa and Galapagos

  • Light clothes (short and long sleeves) + some warm clothes for the evenings + rain poncho
  • Bathing suit
  • Open shoes that can go in the water
  • Anti-mosquito cream
  • Sun cream
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal pharmacy
  • Toiletries with wipes

Equipment for the Andes

The weather in the Andes is very capricious, we usually say that you can find in one day the four seasons! It is therefore preferable to put a little of everything in your suitcase because it is necessary to plan for all types of weather (sun, clouds and rain), it is generally hot during the day, cool as soon as you go into the shade or after 6 pm and the polar fleece may be necessary in altitude.


When there is no hiking in your program, walking shoes are not necessary. However, it is important that you have “all-terrain” shoes that can withstand all types of weather and that grip the ground well.

Equipment for trekking

(to be specified according to the accommodation chosen)

  • Backpack or sturdy travel bag (like a duffel bag) + small personal bag
  • Good sleeping bag (resistant to -5 to -10°C)
  • Ground sheet
  • Warm clothing (windbreaker and polar fleece / hat / gloves / socks…)
  • Rain poncho or Kway
  • Walking shoes
  • Walking sticks (can be rented on site)
  • Sun cream
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Lamp (preferably headlamp) and spare batteries
  • Water bottle
  • Pocket knife
  • Personal pharmacy
  • Toiletries with wipes

Equipment for the ascents (Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Cayambe)

  • A bag of relatively large capacity for the ascent to the refuge (60 liters minimum
  • A very good pair of sunglasses or glacier glasses
  • Underwear like Carline
  • A very good Gore-Tex mountain jacket with a hood
  • Gaiters, or “stop everything”, adapted to your shoes
  • Gore-Tex overpants
  • A pair of silk gloves
  • A hat
  • A pair of Nylon or Gore-Tex slippers
  • High mountain boots*
  • A helmet*
  • Two carabiners* (one with screws) and a rope ring (2 meters long)
  • A good quality sleeping bag (- 5 to – 10 °C) for the night in an unheated refuge
  • A sheet-bag
  • Headlamp
  • Water bottle
  • Personal pharmacy (high protection sun cream, wipes…)

*It is preferable to have your own mountaineering equipment. However, it is possible to rent in Quito ice axes, crampons (without boot protectors), harness and shoes. Approximate price: 30 USD for the duration of the ascent. The choice (model, brand, quality) remains limited, and there may be some difficulties for extreme sizes (small or large).

Are you unsure of what equipment to bring on your trip to Ecuador? Contact our advisors directly from Quito now!