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The agency Terra Ecuador is very attached to the respectful relations with all its partners and collaborators. We are convinced that it is not only a fundamental value in itself but also a basic condition for the success of our customers’ travels.
Our commitments apply at all levels:

• Our employees
• Our subcontractors, their selection, their level of commitment and our requirements
• Our working conditions that take the respect of environment into account
• The quality of our services and the considerations to our customers

In order to formalize our commitments, Terra Ecuador made the choice in 2018 to follow a certification process, choosing a player in this sector who is not only demanding at all levels but also present on the ground for true monitoring and control.

If commitment, as much as it is sincere and concrete. Therefore, we have chosen TourCert, a German organization for sustainable Tourism certification, present in Latin America and combining in its specifications both environmental and social aspects (the famous CSR: Social and Environmental Responsibility), as well as those of quality in the ISO sense to improve our performance and our ways of working together for the benefit of our customers.

Beyond these aspects, Terra Ecuador supports certain initiatives on the ground:

In Community Tourism

• Obtaining project funding (via a partner NGO such as Latitud Sur)
• Sending clients to these community tourism initiatives deemed authentic
Concrete cases:
• February 2015: financing a project family vegetable gardens (February 2015) in the Caranqui community of San Clemente (Imbabura province);
• March 2017: financing a project to set up a water reserve for drought periods in San Clemente.

For emergencies

Following the 7.8 earthquake on the Ecuadorian coast of April 2016, our team mobilized in:

  • Gathering donations for sending them to the disaster area
  • Organizing a donations campaign to finance bamboo makeshift houses (via the local NGO Caemba)

By going to the coast to build during two weekends bamboo houses for some families left homeless

With engaged products like:

  • Carbon offsetting, supporting reforestation projects or preserving natural environments
  • Short but concrete actions in which our customers can get involved
  • Community trips to support their initiatives
  • Visits of committed projects (national or private reserves, agro-ecological farms, …)


Terra Ecuador team assists locals NGO after the 7.8 earthquake on the Ecuadorian coast of April 2016